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And Ron Wins Another

Ron Paul took 1907 (52%) of the votes cast this weekend in the Illinois GOP Straw Poll. Cain was a distant second with 670 votes (18%) and Romney had 515 (14%).

The Chicago Tribne actually reported the results.

The web site (St. Louis) reported that "The Illinois straw poll _ at 3,649 votes _ surpassed such large states as Ohio, Florida and California that held straw polls earlier this year."

Remember the media frenzy when Cain won the Florida poll (representing fewer voters!)? Seen any such coverage today?

That St. Louis web site had a pretty good report here.

Inexplicably, the same site filed a later report which failed to mention Ron Paul (the winner) at all! The comments to that article were not kind to the reporter.

The media appears terrified of Dr. Paul.