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Republican Staw Poll Results

The main stream media would have us believe that Mitt Romney, or perhaps Herman Cain, are the front runners in the quest for the Republican presidential nomination. I beg to differ. As of October 22, 2011, here are the vote totals for Hermain Cain, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, and Mitt Romney from 33 Republican Straw Polls (see: Wikipedia):

As of October 22, 2011 (33 polls)
Name Number of Polls Total Votes
Ron Paul 28 9,721
Herman Cain 27 7,773
Rick Perry 18 4,404
Mitt Romney 28 3,996

Mitt Romney, having appeared in the same number of polls as Ron Paul, has less than half as many straw poll votes.

Now, main stream media, who is the front runner for the Republican nomination again?