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Letter to Congress about the Health Care Bill

Some things just can't be improved. has provided the following letter to be sent to US Representatives about the 1900 page Health Care Bill:

Dear Representative ...

I object to the 1,900-page House healthcare bill precisely because it's 1,900 pages long. That's too much complexity.

I object because the word "regulation" appears in this bill 181 times, "tax" is there 214 times, and "fees" is used 103 times. I hate these words and I won't feel too good about you either if you inflict them on me.

I object because you're not going to read this bill before you vote on it, or sit with the federal code to look up and read all the parts of existing law that the bill will change.

I object because the bill will require federal bureaucrats to write hundreds, or even thousands of pages of regulations to fill in the details, and because I'll have to pay for lawyers and accountants, either directly or indirectly, to interpret and comply with this mess.

I object because many of my healthcare choices will be dictated by a "Health Choices Commissioner" and an "Inspector General for the Health Choices Administration." I won't be able to elect or fire either of these people, and I do not want them in my life.

I object because this bill costs too much, and because you're hiding the true cost in a variety of fraudulent ways.

I object because this bill contains numerous Trojan Horses that will eventually kill free market healthcare in favor of complete government control.

I object because it is increasingly clear to me that my supposed representatives really represent their own party leadership first, special interest lobbyists second, and me not at all.

Please stop to consider that this bill will be imposed on me at the point of a policeman's gun. If I do not want to pay for it, or comply with it, armed men will eventually knock on my door to force me to submit. Do not do this too me!

If you pass this bill, or anything like it, I will never forgive you.

Sincerely yours,

Bob Smither
(my address)


I just sent this by fax to all US representatives using

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