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Imagine - No Politicians!

Career politicians are destroying our country. Career politicians are focused on the next election and how they can fund their campaign. This focus leads them to pander to special interests and to vote for issues supported by their political party to gain its support.

The political process today is corrupted by at least four things: 1. It takes too much money to run for office; 2. There is undue influence of special interests on politicians; 3. There is little accountability; and 4. Politicians must support their party even if it means voting against the will of the people who elected them.

Imagine being able to vote for a Representative that doesn't need to prostitute himself to fund his campaign, is not beholden to special interests, has publicly declared how they will vote on key issues (and signed a contract to do so), and whose political party has a single platform plank: a two term limit on serving as a Representative.

The GOOOH (pronounced "Go", see process aims to put exactly such candidates on the ballot in each of the country's 435 Congressional districts. GOOOH candidates will benefit from a single, national, campaign, a campaign that will explain the advantage of voting for a true citizen representative instead of a career politician. Each GOOOH candidate will make public how they will vote on the issues facing the country, and will be held accountable to that commitment. With no party platform each GOOOH candidate will be able to focus on representing his constituents and voting in accord with their wishes.

Career politicians are the problem - GOOOH is the solution. Please visit and learn about a better way to elect our Representatives.