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Imagine voting for a United States Representative that you had a direct role in nominating.

Imagine voting for a Representative that owes nothing to special interest groups.

Imagine voting for a Representative who has stated exactly how he or she will vote once in office, and has signed a binding contract to remove them self from office if they violate that contract.

Imagine voting for a Representative that will actually represent you, and not be pressured to vote according to the whims of the leadership of a political party.

Imagine voting for a Representative whose campaign is funded by a ordinary Americans, $100.00 at a time.

GOOOH (pronounced 'GO'), which stands for Get Out Of Our House, is a carefully thought out process to address the problems inherent in the current way we select candidates for the House of Representatives, namely:

  • Too influenced by special interests.
  • No accountability.
  • Too much partisanship.
  • Too much money.

To accomplish these goals, candidates are selected by an open and transparent process that includes anyone that wants to participate. The national campaign will be funded by a single $100 GOOOH membership fee. All GOOOH candidates will answer a series of questions on the political issues of the day. Their answers will be made public and each candidate will agree to step down if they fail to vote the way they have indicated.

I participated in a mock selection process last year. If you have a chance to attend one (there are many planned around the country - see the GOOOH Calendar of Events) I strongly encourage you to. You will come away with a better understanding of the GOOOH process, and equally important, an appreciation of your fellow Americans.

The Candidate questionnaire consists of about 120 questions. All questions are answered simply 'For' or 'Against' - here are some examples:

  • Will you vote for or against a presidential line item veto?
  • Will you vote for or against supporting the right of citizens to bear arms?
  • Will you vote for or against amending the Constitution to make abortion legal at all times?
  • Will you vote for or against the government providing free computers to all minors?
  • Will you vote for or against establishing a .xxx Internet domain (e.g., and imposing steep fines and significant jail time for all sites that provide access to pornographic material outside of this domain?
  • Will you vote for or against limiting the time that any person or family can receive welfare to twenty-four months or less in any five year period?
  • Will you vote for or against requiring that birth control pills be made available, for free, to all teenage girls?

As you can see, the questions are wide ranging and often are difficult to answer. I must admit that I find myself voting against most of the issues, not necessarily because it is a bad idea but because in my opinion it should not be a federal issue. For many of the issues raised the Constitution does not authorize the federal government to act.

For more details, visit the GOOOH web site.