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U.S. Government-Backed Comprehensive 100,000-Mile / 5-Year Powertrain Limited Warranty

We purchased a Chevy Suburban in 1999. Actually, a pretty good car, although we have replaced the transmission twice. We had the extended 100,000 mile warranty, so the replacements were on GM, not us. The next one, which seems very likely, will be on us. The Suburban is the best road car we have ever owned, and we have taken comfortable trips literally from coast to coast in it with as many as 7 passengers.

As a result of that purchase in 1999 we recently received in the mail a form letter from Mr. Troy A. Clarke, Group Vice President, President, GM North America (really, that is how it is signed).

Mr. Clarke refers to the destruction of a once proud private enterprise as "using an expedited, court-ordered process to accelerate the reinvention of our company." The letter is trying to convince GM customers that the company will be around for a while. I don't buy it.

The letter goes on to boast: "Purchase a new GM product, and we stand behind it with a U.S. government-backed, comprehensive 100,000-Mile / 5-Year Powertrain Limited Warranty." It is clear who the "we" is here, and it is not GM.

Something is seriously wrong with an enterprise that needs the US taxpayer to stand behind their product.

It says volumes about the integrity of those at the helm of GM that they think advertising a government backed warranty will be perceived as a good thing by their customers. It is reprehensible to force the purchaser of a Ford product to pay (through their taxes) for repairs to their neighbor's Chevy. Any company president with a shred of decency would be ashamed to run a company that allowed, much less boasted of, such a policy.

My dad bought only GM cars, and we really like the Suburban, but we will not buy anther product from GM - a company that allowed itself to be pushed to bankruptcy by giving in to union blackmail and now is quite happy to force American taxpayers to pay for its mistakes.